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I’m here to help invite people into your story.

More than ever before, you need to catch your customers’ attention, engage with them, and invite them into your story. You need them to believe that you care and can help them live a happier and more successful life with what you have to offer. Today there are so many distractions and posts to scroll through, keeping people from entering into your story. You need to inspire them with your brand and with your product.


I would love to help you inspire your customers with films

that capture your customers and tell your story.

My name is Brian Fantasma. I have 4 kids, an amazing wife, and live in Kansas City (Lees Summit). I love to have fun, watch movies, photography, and watch any kind of TV show that sparks my creativity (HGTV, Food Network, cartoons, etc.). As a musician (drums/percussion), I have an appreciation for all kinds of music and how it works with all forms of media. I also love pizza, Chipotle, and most of all, good Italian food!

I have had a an ever-growing passion for film and how it can draw you in and speak to you in ways that other media cannot. It can take you into a world you’ve not yet experienced and change your perspective. This is where I want to excel and spend most of my time. 

My background in the creative arts field includes graphic design (branding and logo design), web design/development, and video production. I earned an Associates degree in graphic design  and have over 10 years of web design experience. 

I am proficient in the Adobe Creative Suites including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects.

I strive to produce excellent work and to be innovative, all while having a ton of fun. Please view my reel above and more full videos and design projects here!